How to register for a tournament

Here is a quick walkthrough of how to register your wrestler for a tournament.  It is a little confusing, but does work easily once you have done it a couple times.  Note: you can click on a picture for better view.

1.  Login to the Team Georgia website, and create a new user (for you, the parent):


NOTE!!  Please write down/remember your password, as it a pain to try and reset it (or at least it was when I tried).

2.  If you have just setup your user account, then you will need to add your child/wrestler to the account using their USA wrestling number


addwrestler addUSAnumber

3.  Once you have added your wrestler(s), you can now go to register for the tournament.  Click on the flyer of the tournament you are planning to attend.


4.  Now start a new Registration for the tournament (or if you have already registered, you can edit an existing one by changing it).


5.  You will then choose a valid USA card option, and you should see your wrestlers name listed in the green section.


6.  Select the wrestler(s) you are signing up, choose the style (Folkstyle), the age class (it will show the right age option for your wrestler), and then the weight class.

Note:  It will ask you to confirm their weight class, as if they weigh over that amount, they will not be able to wrestle at the tournament.


7.  Once you have your wrestler(s) added, you will be prompted to pay with a credit/debit card, typically $15 per wrestler.

8.  e-Ticket – Once paid, it will display an e-Ticket for the tournament.  Click the “Print e-Ticket” link to print it.

You must bring this to the tournament.  It will also have your wrestler’s USA card and number on there, so it’s the only thing you have to bring (other than your wrestler, gear, and the patience to sit in a gym for half the day).

That’s basically it, and it does get easier once you have done it a couple times.